Free Network Security Scan available from DataSource Solutions

Recent news has been abuzz this past week about notorious hacker “ ” Albert Gonzalez, indicted for stealing 130 million credit card numbers, and social sites like Twitter increasingly favored by hackers as a place to plant malware. Is your network safe from these malicious activities? At DataSource we want to make sure you are.

Everyone likes free tools and software, especially when it can save you a lot of trouble and headaches down the road. That’s why we are currently offering our Full Network and System Security Assessment freely with no obligation. It is a customized tool that ensures your network is secure and not vulnerable to hacking attacks like those reported this past week.

Here are some of the highlights, although the tool is even more comprehensive than I have space to write:

Vulnerability Scanning: Scans multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) across your entire network, including virtual machines, to analyze your network’s security setup and status. Be sure to correct any threats detected to prevent hacking attempts.

Ensures Anti-Virus Protection: You probably have virus software installed, but is it working and up-to-date? This tool checks for supported security applications, including anti-virus and anti-spyware, to makes sure they are updated with the latest definitions, and that the right features are enabled.

Scans for all the Issues: Custom scans can also include checks for open ports, unused local users and groups that should be disabled or removed; blacklisted and malicious applications; dangerous USB devices, and other suspicious activity.

Get the Right Patch: When the tool completes the scan, it doesn’t stop there. It also provides you with the ability to download and install patches across your network to plug security holes across different Microsoft operating systems.

There’s a lot more — and we hope you take advantage to keep your network secure. At the end of each audit, you’ll receive a detailed report. If you have any questions, you can always call DataSource for help.

Want to get started right now? Just email us or call our office to set up an appointment.


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DataSource Solutions : What We Can Do For You!

Understanding DSS and its Value

Data source solutions serves valuable purposes. Primarily, it is an internal resource that safeguards your Information Technology system against security threats from hackers and viruses. Its secondary function is to optimize your business technology system, expediting how and when you meet your business objectives.

Where Generic Resources Fail

Off-the-shelf software is often too generic to optimally manage your e-business vis-à-vis your specific commerce, market niche, competition and particular concerns. With data source solutions the tools you use to actualize your business strategy can be enhanced to reach a more accurate cross-section of your goals for commerce. Your productivity level can be tweaked to maximize your reach and minimize areas where your marketing tools have not proved to bring about much return.

Securing Your Business

Specialized e-business security gives you the added confidence that your business vision will remain confidential. Mass-produced security systems can be obsolete right from the time of purchase because they are easier targets to hack. A higher level of managed hosting means that your business is protected from disasters and streamlined to meet your business goals. We customize your internal resources to avoid the common pitfalls. Managed hosting means that your IT is observed and analyzed in order to adopt a program strategy that responds to your system. Furthermore, data source solutions works in direct relation to your business strategy through gap analysis.

Gap analysis promises a collaborative effort that will move you forward from where your business is now to where your business plan supports that you should be. Ongoing technology support shows you where and why you are not reaching your business goals and problem-solves with you, so you learn how to reduce gaps in the future. Higher-end hosting means that you have built-in support for publishing and subscribing tools, security programs, site management and a logging summary.

How Data Source Solutions Works

Data source solutions run on top of existing technology environments and build a higher level of performance of the existing application. Data source solutions are accessible to programming adjustments via manipulation. This makes it accessible to modifications for specific business to business differences; it is flexible and simple to run.

The whole system is as efficient as its sub-parts. Analysis shows where there are gaps in service; it detects and isolates them for correction. This prevents the entire existing system from failing. Data isolation shows when one part of the system is unresponsive, discovers when it fails to achieve the desired outcome and; hence, renders other parts of the system ineffective.

Determining if your system is functioning at its peak level of performance will allow you to to ensure your IT security is effective. It is critical to your IT security to be able to observe what the system is doing in order to determine if it is functioning at its peak level of performance. This accountability is a key component of higher end data source solutions.

An added advantage of data source solutions is that it serves as a back up for all your internal resources to prevent any loss due to a power failure or natural disaster. You can rest easy knowing that your business is impervious to disaster and your commerce will not have to stop due to an IT failure.

Consistent administration, accountability in software application and collaborative client/management relations means that data source solutions support the objectives outlined in the clients’ business plan. They offer enhanced security, more effective system analysis and streamline your business plan. The outcome is better business, increased revenue and peace of mind.

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Now serving the Bay Area!

Our clients work all across the nation and benefit from onsite and remote support nationwide. Still, we are constantly getting requests to expand our branch locations and, this morning, DataSource is proud to announce the opening of two new regional offices to serve Northern California. Headed by our experienced Regional Sales Manager, Jim DeLosada, and his knowledgeable technical and support staff, these Bay Area branch offices are available to handle your requests immediately.

DataSource San Francisco Office
580 California Street, 12th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 508-3737

DataSource San Jose Office
2570 N. First Street, 2nd Floor
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 549-1414

You’ll receive the same quality and prompt attention that you’ve come to enjoy from our Southern California offices, along with all of our core services. DataSource technicians have a minimum of 10 years’ experience, and we pride ourselves on maintaining industry certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Sonicwall and Symantec. In fact, we are Microsoft Gold Certified, as well as an authorized partner of Apple, Dell, IBM and Hewlett-Packard.

Here are just a few of the things we can provide your company:

* 24/7 Exclusive IT Support with Guaranteed Response

* Safe and Secure Backup

* Remote Troubleshooting

* Technology Planning& Installation

* Update and Security Management

* Energy Consumption Savings

* Asset Audit Reports

We’re here for you— Our primary goal is to help resolve—and prevent—all technical issues at your office to keep things flowing as smoothly as possible without any disruption in your daily business activities. We do this in the most efficient manner possible, saving your company unwanted expenses. In fact, our clients have found that our services save them half the cost of a full-time IT employee.

We know tech — If there is one thing we pride ourselves on at DataSource, it’s our ability to stay on top of technological trends and continually educate ourselves about the latest and greatest applications. We do this for our clients’ benefit, to make sure your company is on the leading edge of business technology that actually works—not fads or trends that will cause your workers more headaches.

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Protect your business from an ‘inside job’

Did you know that the biggest threat to your company data often comes from inside? Consider a disgruntled employee just (or about to be) laid off, or even dissatisfied about cut backs, deferred promotions and other realities of today’s tough economic times. While we sometimes want to believe “Not my employees,” the truth is that even an ethical and hardworking person can do extraordinary things when worrying about putting food on the table.

Some security breaches may seem innocuous to employees, such as copying customer data, account histories and contact information for future use at a competitor. More malicious attacks might sabotage systems or delete critical data at a date in the future.

The good news is that there are common sense things you can do to protect your corporate data, especially during layoffs:

First and foremost, make sure you have proper security programs and policies in place well before any layoffs, including antivirus tools, firewalls, and spam filters.

1. All companies should also have a secure identity and access management infrastructure (IAM). This is a system that essentially controls the Who, What, Where and When for user activities throughout your enterprise. IAM lets you wall off access to different parts of your system to secure data.
2. Delete employee login accounts immediately upon termination. So-called “orphan” accounts are a large part of the problem in stolen data or malicious attacks.
3. Record everything. Even if a breach takes place, if you have audit logs you can trace it back to the responsible party.
4. Hire an outside IT company that has no personal interest in layoffs.

Want help securing your company?

Contact us at DataSource Solutions. As a third-party, our job is to ensure the integrity and security of your company’s data. We can help you implement IAM infrastructure and prevent any hard feelings, even long after tough times are over.

For more information please email or call us at 310-464-3400

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Are Your Systems Up to Date?

icrosoft Issues Record Security Patches in June

Tuesday was a big day for anyone running Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer and Office. Microsoft released a monster patch to fix 31 security issues in 10 important updates — that’s a record!

DataSource Solutions is here to remind you to keep your data safe and your computers updated to ensure hackers have no way into your systems. Here’s what you need to know:

Who needs this update?

Essentially everyone. If you are running Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000, or Windows Server 2003 and 2008, you need it. It’s also important for anyone running Office or Internet Explorer.

What does it fix?

The updates patch critical flaws that could allow hackers to launch malicious code remotely without your knowledge. In a worst-case scenario, a hacker could gain access to user names and passwords for accounts on your server, or install malware via a glitch in Internet Explorer.

What should I do on my PC?

Make sure all your computers have installed the latest patches from Windows Update.

What about my company’s network?

If you are running Windows Server 2003 or 2008, you should definitely be using Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). This technology enables IT administrators to distribute the latest Microsoft product updates to all Windows computers on your network. It’s more efficient and secure than attempting to update each computer individually.

Want things to be even simpler?

Contact us at DataSource Solutions. Our job is to make sure that attacks on your computers, viruses and other emerging threats are stopped at the door before they can wreak havoc on your company’s data and productivity.

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How do I know if my network is safe?

Malware is Increasing

The recent outbreak of computer viruses and other malware has kept our lines busy. Our customers are asking a very important question, “How do I know if my network is safe?” The answer lies in how secure your network perimeter is, and the firewall solution you have to keep out malware like viruses and worms.

Q: What is malware and where does it come from?

A: Malware is a general term for all the malicious software that hackers and scammers attempt to install on your computer or network. This includes computer viruses, Trojans, spyware, phishing attacks,and other unwanted intrusions. Malware can enter your company’s network in several ways, including when employees open infected e-mail attachments, or download files from the Web.

Q: How can I be certain my company is safe from malware attacks?

A: DataSource Solutions can help you evaluate and set up a strong perimeter with the right firewall solution for your needs. We use appliances like SonicWALL, which inspect 100% of your network traffic. Viruses and other emerging threats are stopped at the door before they can wreak havoc on your company’s data and productivity.

Q: What exactly is a firewall?

A: A firewall is a line of security between your computer or network and the rest of the world. Firewalls are designed to block access from unauthorized sources (which make contain malware), while still allowing you to communicate freely with other computers in your office and on the Internet. Firewalls can be implemented as a software application, a hardware appliance, or a combination of both. DataSource Solutions can help you understand what will work best in your network environment.

Q: What about security inside my network? Is that important?

A: Absolutely. DataSource can verify the integrity of your internal network as well. We offer more advanced firewall solutions that provide additional internal protection, inspecting internal network traffic and isolating the spread of malware and network usage misuse.

Q: What happens if you find a virus or other malware already on the company network?

A: The good news is you’ve got DataSource to help! Our first step will be to isolate and remove all malware from your system. We’ll then work to restore your data from backups and prevent any data loss or disruption to your daily business activities. Finally, we’ll put a security process in place that will prevent malware from ever invading your network again.

Learn more

DataSource Solutions is here to help your company stay protected, eliminate downtime and increase your workers’ productivity. For more information please contact us via email or by calling us directly at 310-464-3400

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Urgent: Dangerous worm is no April Fool’s joke

The malicious Conficker worm is scheduled to activate on infected PCs all across the world this Wednesday, April 1, and DataSource Solutions wants to make sure that your business doesn’t suffer.

Here is a quick Q&A about what Conflicker actually is, and what you need to do to protect your business from the worm.

Q: What exactly is Conficker?
A: Conficker is an unusually sophisticated worm that has already infected an estimated 12 million or more machines worldwide. It spreads by exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, especially on business computers that are not regularly updated with the latest security patches. Once a computer on your network is infected with Conficker, the program has easy access to other vulnerable computers in your office.

Q: What can it do?

A: If you have file sharing turned on, the Conficker worm can execute code remotely. Essentially, that means that the attacker can take control of your computer and use it for malicious purposes.

Q: Why April 1st?

A: Security experts are still unsure. They do know that Conficker is amassing an unprecedented network of infected computers that are all linked together with sophisticated peer-to-peer controls. This could be anything from a huge April Fool’s joke to something far worse. Experts have posited the Conficker is creating an illicit network where hackers can “rent time” on your computer to do things like spamming. Others suggest it could be a “Dark Google,” intended to search the data on all infected computers and sell the answers to nefarious clients.

Q: What can I do to protect my company?

A: The good news in all this is that it is possible to detect and remove Conficker. DataSource is providing services to all its clients to ensure no such virus outbreak will take place within their environment. We can take both precautionary steps by updating and installing the necessary patches, as well as make appropriate recommendations for your continued security.

If you would like more information about Conficker, or about what DataSource Solutions can do to protect your company from such an outbreak, don’t hesitate to call at 310-464-3400 or write.

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